The History of Famous Stars & Straps

Most clothing companies start with an overpaid designer finding inspiration. This isn't the case with Famous Stars & Straps, a company that is unlike any other in the field. To understand the label's unique hold on the industry, it is important to understand the man behind the image.

The rock band Blink-182 formed in 1992, and found success among teenagers and young people early on. Their music is a blend a pop and punk, and although the band had some tribulations, they continue to tour to this day. It was during the peak of their popularity back in 1999 that drummer Travis Barker decided to start his clothing label. He wanted to wear and design clothing that was comfortable and unique, but also appealed to his legions of fans as well. Travis is easy to distinguish at a show, with lots of tattoos covering his body and a skinny frame that allows him to rock out on the drums. As such, he is extremely popular with the skater and BMX crowd, and his clothing lable reflects this. Sponsored riders in extreme sports such as motocross are often seen wearing Famous Stars and Stripes clothing, and the popularity of the brand grew exponentially during the 2000s. T-shirts and hats were the initial specialties of Travis Barker's business, but the company now sells shoes, sunglasses, and other accessories, all branding that famous "F" logo, known as the "badge of honour" among enthusiasts.

Few clothing labels manage to cultivate the image that Famous Stars and Straps has. Popular without seeming played out, Travis Barker's designs have garnered respect from his fans, athletes, and critics who thought he couldn't do it. Luckily, he proved them all wrong, and has been going strong for over ten years.