Criminal Damage Clothing

Born out of the streets of east London, Criminal Damage came to add weight to the London streetwear scene that was booming and creating a buzz all around the world. They were able to stay current with fashion along with creating trends that many others followed and admired. To this day, they are constantly evolving and receiving much acclaim from people for their forward thinking and not being afraid to put down there style on apparel. RebelState Clothing has been with the brand since its early days back in the 90s and has seen the brand grow there designs and quality of there products. Now with a huge streetwear following, Criminal Damage is worn by people from all walks of life and seems to be a large favorite of artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna and many more. Criminal Damage has always been a brand that produced a huge range such as t-shirts, jeans, jackets, sweatshirts and much much more which is why they have stood the test of time.